Yuchen Liu

Senior student at NC State University

About me

I’m a senior student at NC State University majoring in Technology, Engineering, and Design Education, minoring in Computer Programming. Currently working as a Student Web Developer at NCSU ITECS. I design, develop, and test websites, design and implement unit-tests.

I’m currently looking for an internship about Software Development and Front-end Web Development.



Movie Watch List Manager*

  • Created a program that selects the genres and generates corresponding lists of movies by reading .txt and .csv datasets.
  • Enable user viewing of the entire list of movies through command lines or a GUI (with C or Python, respectively).
  • Allowed filtering by criteria including year ranges, genres, and keywords in titles, thus making it possible for users to choose movies to add to their watch list and remove them later.
  • Implemented operations including Pointers, Structs, File I/O, Dynamic Memory Allocation, and Bitwise Operator in C and used data structures such as Quicksort.

Lossy Image Compression*

  • Created a program to read in raw PGM images, and encode or decode these images using the DCT formula or the inverse DCT formula.
  • This project uses pointers, structs, File I/O, Bitwise Operator, and Dynamic Memory Allocation in C.


  • Designed and created a React Web App where comments could be overlaid directly onto the videos.
  • Stored textual data and timestamps associated with comments in a serverless Backend-As-A-Service (BaaS) database and later accessed these comments by the front-end API provided.
  • Designed and implemented elements including animations and interactive components within the Web App.
  • Worked with another developer in Boston College and was responsible for design, implementation, and testing.

*Need NCSU Credentials to view

Handcraft Project

Materials Processing Technology Projects


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